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5 Expert Work From Home Outfit Hacks

Like many of us, don’t you miss getting all decked up for work? Yes, right? How often do you think of dazzling in your e-meets but fail to do so?
As tempting as it might be to lounge in your pajamas all day, let’s decide to dress up again, for ourselves. We’ll take it step-by-step. Dressing up for work boosts your confidence and helps you stay productive all day. And you always want to be prepared for those unplanned video meetings, right?
Without much thought, pajamas, shorts and t-shirts have become the new normal for WFH clothing. Ask your colleagues about what is their WFH outfit and you know the answer!
Putting on a practical yet fashionable WFH outfit just requires you to look a little beyond your oh-so-comfortable PJs and get some stylish yet comfy pieces paired together. Ultimately, what is a great outfit? An attire that inspires!
Here’s some crazy style-inspo for you. Read on!

1. Sport a crisp “above the keyboard” look

Create an impactful impression with the most defined “above the keyboard” or above the waistline look. Striking tops, dresses and earrings should be on top of your shopping list.
Go for a ‘less is more’ make-up look, well defined eye-liner, nude lips and neatly made hair. You would want to do it every day, we know it!
A foolproof solution to put on a statement look is collared tops/shirts. Being very much visible in the e-meets, collars add a standing out yet a subtle formal touch to your WFH attire. Be it an important client call or a review meeting, you can be sure to create an impact with statement collars.

2. Ditch your PJs, go for comfy chic pants and airy skirts

Dressing up for work from home doesn’t mean that you should sit in skin-fit trousers all day. And no more PJs, please! Slip in to some stylish yet comfy pants.
When it comes to dapper yet comfortable clothes for working from home, choosing the right pair of pants is significant. Stylish yet comfy pants are the key to a chic work from home outfit. Chic comfy pants like these is the answer!
Miss those pre-quarantine office skirts? Who said you can’t wear them now? Take all your stacked formal skirts out and pull-off a statement look to boost your self-confidence. Go for airy, breathable, relaxed skirts to go with your tops. After all, the humid weather also calls for some airy, flowy fabrics. Some of our favourite picks:

3. A dress to impress

What can be more comforting than wearing those relaxed yet stylish one-piece dresses at home? Go for some beautiful designs in comfort fitting. Add more pep to your WFH dress with a belt and accessories and you are good to go. Some of our favourites:

4. Shirts for impactful conversations

Our favourite could easily be yours too! Believe us when we say that shirts are the best work from home outfits. Buttoned down collared shirts make for impactful meetings. Go for long sleeves, collared shirts and pair them with some nice comfy pants. Tie-up a tidy hair bun and you are good to go.  

5. Accessorize to add that spark

A little over-the-top, aren’t we? But why not! Ace your WFH look with stylish accessories. Accessories not only add a finishing touch to your look, but also make you feel good. It’s time to add shine to your screen with dazzling accessories.
Spice up your look with trendy earrings, a subtle neck-piece or bracelets for an utterly fashionable appeal.
Add a touch of zest to your tops with some colorful scarves and stoles.
This is how we roll! Now you know too. Absolutely ready for a WFH makeover, click here