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5 Striped Picks You Can Flaunt NOW!

Sick with jeans and tops, but wanting to feel relaxed and comfortable? Striped dresses look comfortable and stylish, which are perfect for your casual lifestyle at inhouse parties or when you finally get to go out.

We are sure you already have the all-season trend in your wardrobe: stripes. If not or are aiming to refresh your “stripes”, we suggest you stock up on few of our must-have stripe outfits and accessories soon. From our handkerchief dress and shirt tunic to our cropped pants and scarves, we have handpicked the best outfits in stripes for you to stay stylish always.

At AND, we give you many reasons to rock striped tunics like a pro. Thanks to the plethora of styles in various silhouettes! Scroll on to see our favorites in stripes and also where to wear them.


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What to buy: Pursue stripes with a mellow mood! Consider this Stripes Midi Handkerchief Dress in horizontal stripes—ideally with a free-flowing flared hem thrown in to add a playful measure. A western tunic looks classically chic are perfect for just hanging around.

Where to wear: Sunday Brunch.


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What to buy: A tunic-length stripe shirt that can be worn wrapped with a tie? Why not! Embrace this Blue Stripes Tie-Up Tunic in vertical, crisp lines for a new season. P.S Use it as a fab casual layer option.

Where to wear: Casual Fridays.


Tweak your chic with stylish tunic tops for women by AND.

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What to buy: Everything looks better with ruffles. The plus point? Ruffles + Stripes! The bold stripes on the vibrant background of this stylish Mustard Stripes Top can spread just the right amount of charisma wherever you go.

Where to wear: Presentation day at work.


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What to buy: Looking for a way to punch up your everyday looks? This super-cosy White Stripes Stole features a stripe pattern in mellow hues, trimmed with feathery eyelash fringe at the hem.

Where to wear: Around-town errands.


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What to buy: A pair of our relaxed Blue & White Stripes Cropped Pants in vertical stripes! Why? The vertical stripes visually elongate the cropped silhouette of these flare pants fashioned in a comfortable silhouette. Also, pants with pockets—a must-have!

AND adds a playful twist to its casual wear range, which have always been a favorite in spring and summer.

Where to wear: Work or relaxed weekend getaways.

Go ahead, embrace the new season with AND’s stripe clothing & scarves for women now available at your nearest AND stores across India and on our website – www.andindia.com. What are you waiting for? Stock up on everything stripes right away….