Denim's All the Way - Exclusive Spring Summer Denim Collection by AND
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All I Need Is Denims!

Denim can never go out of style. They’re the most versatile staples all year long and the hero of everyone’s wardrobes. A great pair of jeans, a denim shirt, or a denim dress paired with anything looks effortlessly stylish and easy-going. They not only look good on every occasion, whether casual or formal, party or to sit in at home, but also suit every individual, of any size & height.
We all have a pair of the most comfortable jeans in the closet that we reach out for, that will most probably be old, unwashed jeans but the one that gives us the snuggliest feeling. These timeless pieces only get better over the years. And, even though they’re the simplest silhouettes of our wardrobe, designers keep coming up with new styles and variations every season. There are endless options to choose from according to your preference. Whether you like fitted or baggy, wide or skinny, high-rise or low and cropped or ankle-length. Denim is not only limited to jeans but experiments have been expanded in overalls, dresses, jackets and tops too. The AND design team is dedicated in making continuous efforts to make your denim comfortable, stylish and sustainable. They’re trendy and classy with fits available for women from every age-group and size inclusive.
AND has joined hands with BCI (Better Cotton Initiative). This organisation has collaborated with many farmers across the country and taken them under their umbrella. BCI helps them use better and lesser pesticides that make the soil healthy, less water is used and overall energy is conserved. Comprehensively, improving the lives of the local farmers and the environment. Click here to read more.
As far as the material is concerned, denim variations have advanced considerably. There are many options and blends available in the market. Our denim shirts, tops, jackets and dresses have assorted blends of cotton that are treated with less chemicals. We refrain from using polyesters or any other unnatural materials.
Keeping up with the trend forecast for 2022, AND has designed a capsule collection for our denim lovers with a broad selection for everyone. It’s time to add another timeless piece to your closet. Shop for your denim styles from our new Spring / Summer collection now!

Wide-Leg Jeans

Now-a-days, we prefer comfort over any style. Summers demand for loose fitted jeans but also fashionably forward genres. As the new trend forecast suggests, Summer ‘22 feels nostalgic and brings back the older characters with contemporary twists. They’re tailor made for your personal style and practicality.
These wide-legged jeans are fitted from the hips and the waist, giving the bottom a very flattering look. AND has included two such styles in their new collection. Crafted from the best quality cotton with stretchability for uninterrupted and comfortable movement throughout the day. Available in mid and high rise waistlines and in a myriad of blue options. This silhouette is versatile, it can be chic as well as quirky depending on how you’d like to style it. You can wear it over a dressy top and look sophisticated or a printed shirt and get ready to paint the city.

Straight Fit Jeans

This is a must-have staple in your wardrobe. Something that should always be available when you’re on the go. They provide maximum comfort whilst looking stylish. Another evergreen style that has, and never will go out of style. Straight-fit or mom-fit jeans are our most loved best-seller. Made from certified BCI cotton that provides 100% breathability and guilt-free comfort. This pair can turn your casual errand day to an evening with girlfriends seamlessly. They’re available in three styles, in mid and high rise waistline and also, in various blue colour options.
The most classic way to style these jeans would be with a white oversized shirt or a regular t-shirt with sneakers.

Denim Crop Top

This year AND has nudged a level higher by experimenting with different silhouettes of denim. Since we’re talking about nostalgia, the crop-top is inspired from a vintage contour with a princess cut, puffy sleeves and frilled hemline. This top is definitely an investment this summer because of its versatility and great quality fabric for longevity. It can be styled in the most classic way with a pair of jeans, take it a step further with solid or quirky printed trousers, skirts or even shorts. The crop-top flaunts a buttoned-down bodice that can be openable. It can be doubled as a jacket and thrown over a tank top or a jumpsuit. The V-neckline lets you accessorise with different lengths of necklaces or oversized hoops.

Denim Jacket

It is imperative for every closet to have one denim jacket. They’re at par with your regular pairs of jeans with regards to versatility. It doesn’t matter what season you’re in, a denim jacket always works when you think your ensemble looks incomplete. It adds that extra “oomph” factor and makes your look sassily stylish every single time. AND’s new Spring/Summer ‘22 collection’s denim jacket is crafted from cotton that was processed in less harsh chemicals and water. The material is purely cotton without any polyester blends. The design flaunts four utilitarian pockets making it more convenient to keep your hands free. This jacket can elevate your ensemble to a casual-chic one or a bold-bohemian one, the opportunities to style this jacket are endless. Make your summer spend worthwhile.

Denim Dress

Denim dresses have recently made it to the limelight. Although overalls were one of the first garments made from denim fabric for the labour class but that didn’t make it to the mainstream fashion. Mainly because of the thickness of the original denim fabric. But because of the recent advancements in the blends of denim fabric it has become easier to play around with more silhouettes. Staying true to the trends of 2022, this silhouette also reminds us of the times when puffy sleeves and frilled hemlines were massively trendy. A subtle vintage feel with a dash of modern sass. This dress can be accentuated with a statement belt or a scarf to cinch that waistline and give it a more appealing look. Perfect to throw in your vacation suitcase, this short frilled dress will look exceptionally stylish with white sneakers, oversized hoops and a cane hat on a summer-y beach day. Don’t hesitate to add this timeless staple to your shopping list.

Now that you know how essential all these denim staples are, what are you waiting for? Shop the best quality denim products from AND India now!