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Four truths for building a timeless wardrobe

Trends may come and fads may go, but there are some styles that remain. Fickle fashion shouldn’t stop you from thinking that there is no way to make a timeless collection in your house. Though you can never look back, some pieces of garments, can decidedly make you fashion forward.

Staples are a must

Not just in your meals but there are staples in your closet too.


Why have them?

When you are working a nine-to-five job you need your classics handy.  A white shirt here, black pants in the corner, the little black dress right in front. Stacking your staples hanger-first is the best decision you could take.  When out of ideas, just combining your staples in several ways can save you the time and effort.





Neutrals can pop!
It isn’t the lack of colour but the silhouettes that neutral colours bring out.

 Neutral Pop 2

Why have them?

Neutrals are trend proof, miss-match proof and best of all – you can add them to any outfit and make the ensemble look subtle and delicate.


Make a statement and how!

You can never fall short of grabbing attention with a few statement pieces.


Why have them?

As the name suggests these outfits and accessories make a comment that no one can ignore. A statement dress in itself can make you stand out of the crowd, mix it with some jewelry and you are fashion royalty.



A little. But more.

Only when you have more , does that statement stand.


Why have them?

Accessories on the other hand, give the last push you need to make an outfit complete. Accessories don’t just mean jewelry; bags, shades, shoes; all add up to the complete look and you need a few of each to make a minimal prestamos personales yet outstanding statement. Try a bright coloured satchel or a few pairs of bright reflective sunglasses


So go out, put together a few cherished choices. What is a wardrobe without its building blocks? Whether you plan to start over or just add to your collection, these truths will never change.