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How to Ace Sustainable Fashion Like a Pro

Have you been planning for an eco-friendly wardrobe make-over since a long time? Let us tell you that this is the right time for it, more than ever!
It’s no secret that the fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to pollution. Shouldn’t we try to cut back on fashion that costs our environment? Let’s do our bit. The next time we go for online shopping or step into a store, let’s try to make a responsible choice with sustainable fashion and opt for a conscious living. Eco-friendly clothing is certainly here to stay and we’re obsessed! It’s not just a fashion trend, it is the need of the hour. Sustainable fashion being much livelier than ever, is grabbing more attention day by day. With abundant options to choose from, sustainable clothing can make its way right from the trend-setting catwalk to your basic wardrobe.

Is your outfit sustainable?

A big hack for responsible fashion, check for the raw-materials which have gone into making the clothes you’re about to purchase. Clothes made from plant-based fabrics such as cotton, linen, hemp and bamboo are a big yes. Prioritize organic cotton clothing! Clothes made from recycled materials, like recycled polyester should be on your list.
Our style experts have come up with some sustainably effective style tips for the chic and earth friendly fashion icon, you!

1. Make a boss move with sustainable work wear

Sustainable fashion is under the spotlight for work wear. AND has a collection of eco-friendly work-wear under its label ‘rECOgnise’. rECOgnise, is a journey of sustainable initiatives, that ensure that the products are carefully curated using eco-friendly raw materials and responsible manufacturing processes.

2. Add a sustainable twist to your casual wear

Whether you want to just go to a grocery store, visit a friend or take a stroll in the park, what you need is some chic yet basic casual wear. These must-have casuals should be sustainable too, right? After all they form a big chunk of our wardrobe.
AND has a charming collection of sustainable casuals for every mood of yours. Just think, you can now give your wardrobe a complete eco-friendly make-over with these timeless casual outfits.

3. Sustainable party wear? Yes, it’s possible!

Planning a house party with friends? You definitely want a stylish dress or two for it! What more could you ask for, if it is eco-friendly too?

4. Add sunshine to your summer picnic look

Summer picnics call for some nice comfy cotton clothing. Cotton, mostly organic cotton is the best choice when it comes to sunny days out. Organic cotton clothing is utterly comfy, lightweight and easy to carry. And the best thing is that it is natural and completely bio-degradable.

Some tips to maintain your sustainable fashion pledge:

1. Crack the “go-sustainable” code before shopping

Do your research on the clothes you’re going to buy. Like how and where they are manufactured? Check for tags such as Ecovero, Lenzing, etc. Eco-friendly fashion brands which operate sustainably are really proud of it and they post the details on their site and social media pages.

2. Versatility is key

Shop for versatile clothes that can be styled in different ways. Dresses which can be donned as kurtas, tunics as dresses or style t-shirts in different ways. This way you can create different looks with one outfit. Less load on your wardrobe and the planet!

3. Donate your old clothes

Refrain from throwing your clothes away. They will just end-up in landfills, waiting for decades to decompose. Donate the clothes which you no longer wear to the poor and needy. Good for humanity, good for the planet!

4. Shell out on trans-seasonal clothes

Clothes such as jeans, t-shirts and classic dresses can be used through-out the year. So, it’s safe to invest in these outfits, since you’ll be wearing them more often.
AND a sustainable make-over awaits you! Are you ready? Click here