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How to Bloom in Spring Summer Florals 2022

Since its inception between the 14th and 15th centuries, floral prints and embroideries have been one of women’s most adored pieces of garments. Initiated in Asia and Europe, these prints were a symbol of sovereignty; only the rich could afford it. They were solely available in plush or silk fabrics and every motif had a significant meaning behind it. But it wasn’t long enough before floral prints were widely introduced to the masses in an unimaginable amount of variation due to their charm and popularity.
Nature has always been the biggest inspiration board for all designers. There are millions of opportunities to create something new endlessly. And there’s nothing more versatile than floral prints. They have always been symbolic of femininity and delicateness. Nowadays, women are elegant but also powerful at the same time. They’re independent and sophisticated. A modern take on floral prints is inclusive of every emotion and spirit of a woman and that is portrayed by different kinds of styles, combinations and silhouettes its used in. From large statement prints to small intricate prints, floral prints have infinite possibilities and range of its combinations have no bounds.
This season, AND has given a new face to the floral print game by experimenting with a mix of prints, vintage prints and by choosing bolder and more varied silhouettes. Giving its audience an opportunity to choose from the widest range of prints in all the pastel shades imaginable and in the most unimaginable contours.

4 Ways To Wear Floral Prints

Just until recently, workwear or formal dressing was least experimented with. The good ol’ solid shirts and trousers were the staple and people were afraid to play around. But over the years this narrative has changed. Since the workplace is where you spend the maximum number of hours of the day, women have started taking their fashion game more seriously to look more sophisticated and professional every day but more importantly cater to their moods and to embrace their inner urges of experimentations. This Spring/Summer, AND introduces a new take on workwear, power three-piece pantsuits with a twist of floral print and tops in vintage silhouettes that will just rock your formal look at work. These colours and cuts will only make your work blue and dull days full of life and happiness. Ensembles that can be worn for a normal day or for board meetings, by an intern or by a boss. These designs are so versatile that every woman will feel confident and will be able to carry it off flawlessly. Made from summery materials and colors, these silhouettes are elegant, chic and sophisticated. !
Wine Solid Straight Puffer Jacket
Black Floral Straight Puffer Jacket
Wine Solid Straight Puffer Jacket
Black Floral Straight Puffer Jacket
Pro Tip: Keep the accessories minimalistic so that it doesn’t take attention away from the powerful prints.

Brunches & Luncheon

Brunches or day get-togethers and floral prints are synonyms to each other. They always radiate fun and quirky vibe to an occasion. Sunday brunches or summer luncheons are one of the biggest moods up lifters from the week’s hustle and floral prints are the cherry on the cake. Pick from a range of AND’s SS22 collection that is filled with a happy and lighter colour palette for such moments. The whites and the peaches work best for bright brunch weekends. Silhouettes like shift dresses, short tie-up dresses, strappy dresses, jumpsuits or just the regular sheer breezy top with shorts or trousers are the best choices for you lovely ladies to look like an absolute head turner whilst sipping on those mimosas. Don’t forget to accessorize with scarf headbands, sling bags and tie-up espadrilles. These shapes and hues are here to make you feel impeccably stylish.
Black Floral Straight Puffer Jacket
Wine Solid Straight Puffer Jacket
Black Floral Straight Puffer Jacket
Pro Tip: Pick dainty accessories and nude toned shoes/bags to suit the flavour of the occasion.

Sundowners & Parties

Summers are for the most anticipated sundowners and parties. Be it friends’ get-togethers, shopping, wine or music festivals. It’s the best time to upgrade your wardrobe and elevate your party wear lineup. Summers are the best time to expand your styling horizons and push all the boundaries. Experimenting with prints and silhouettes relentlessly is the most enthralling, especially with the floral prints. This season AND is breaking all the stereotypical rules and have curated an absolutely fresh take on floral prints with print on print, a mix of prints, vintage floral prints, contemporary floral prints and a variety of patterns made from these floral prints. Pick and choose from a vast assortment of some really cool silhouettes to floor all those present in the room and bedazzle their eyes. Get ready for the most awaited summer and beach parties with our quirky yet sexy maxi dresses, fun jumpsuits and many more such contours. Spruce it up by mixing and matching all these depending on how wild your mood is. Don’t be afraid to explore your inner styling diva, play around and we’re sure that you’re definitely going to steal the show and look the most stunning with our Spring/Summer ‘22 collection.
Pro Tip: Add a piece of bling accessories to enhance your floral print ensemble.

Vacation & Holidays

What is the only thought that comes to your mind when you think of a vacation? It’s most definitely comfort and relaxation. Well, AND knows exactly how you feel about it and has been the most mindful whilst creating a collection, especially keeping in mind your summer vacations. We all want to be completely hassle-free, comfortable, yet stylish for those Instagram worthy photographs. Imagine sitting at the seashore in our coord set with a cane hat and slippers soaking all the sun in, looking absolutely chic and ravishing when a photographer catches you at the moment. This is definitely the kind of vacation you must desire for. Our Spring/Summer ‘22 collection has the most apt assortment of garments to look your absolute best on your trip to the beach or the mountains. In the most elegant floral prints and silhouettes like two-piece coord sets whether, crop top and bottom or skirt, jumpsuits, short and long flowing dresses in the sweetest pastel hues to pick from. You’ll be spoilt for choice at the most affordable price range. Now you can be totally stress-free while planning your next vacation trip cause as far as your wardrobe is concerned, girl, we’ve got you covered!
Pro Tip: Accessorize with oversized hats and bags and don’t forget to use a sunblock
So, ladies, what are you waiting for? Head over to our website and grab the best of the floral prints this summer season according to your occasion to look like a total eye-catch. Don’t forget to click lots of pictures and tag us, we love to see our creations on you gorgeous women.