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Panache with Panelling

Hello ladies!

Let’s channel the PANEL!

panelled dresses

Panelling is definitely in and we are going gaga over this fashion trend. Imagine countless panels of fabric stitched together and a nice fit and flair which falls daintily to flatter your curves. Boast your feisty feminine side with unmatchable grace. Show off your slim physique or flaunt your curves, this versatile garment is everything you wish for. Be it a top, bottom or a dress, panelling adds that extra oomph to every outfit.

How this trend started?

In the early 1930s, women started wearing panelled dresses in Europe.

Skirts and dresses in the 1930s were fitted through the hips and flared out from the mid-thigh to the mid-calf. Dresses boasted a variety of gores, pleats and seam details to slim the hips and create a stylish ‘swing’ at the bottom of the skirt. Pleated styles included partially sewn pleats, either across the front or in groups at either side of the front panel, and fully pleated 1930s skirts continued to be a perennial classic.

Another 1930s style more common in the first half of the decade was multiple panels that curved up over the hips – very flattering and elegant.

During 1937, many skirts were just very simple with one front panel. This was known as ‘Curving Hip Panels’.

Well, that’s history! In this moment, we at AND have launched a chic collection of panelled garments you should certainly look at.

panelled top

AND, splice it up!

Another type of panelling is splicing. Yes, spliced outfits are the new choice of fashionistas all over the world. Smartly cut, splicing is an asymmetric hemline giving a modern touch to the outfit.

How to wear splicing?

While many believe to style up spliced hemlines with simple leggings, you can also try palazzos, jazzy culottes, linen pants, or even a smart trouser. Asymmetric shapes tend to flare towards the bottom so it would work well for pear shaped, hour glass and rectangle types of silhouettes.

Ethnic wear with asymmetrical hemlines have become a rage. But ensure that you style it with the right lowers and footwear.

An asymmetric skirt can be paired with a classic shape t-shirt. Asymmetric dresses are complete styled outfits in themselves and don’t require much to complete the look. A basic denim jacket can be donned to add layering.

Slice the splice!

panelled dress

Let’s make it cooler, shouldn’t we?

Here are few ways in which you can style your look with panelling

Panelled top

Smartly designed panelled tops give the perfect fit and flare. You can pair them with straight, slim fit, pants to accentuate your physique. Style it with strappy flats and round hoop earrings for a coffee date apt look.

Occasion – Don it on an evening date or for meeting your best friend, it will look great either way.

Panelled Jacket

Create a dapper formal look with panelled jackets. Pair it with a top and pants to complete your look. Panelled stitch on the jacket gives it a nice curvy look.

Occasion – Wear it for your client meetings or interviews to create an impactful look.

Panelled Bottoms

Panelled pants give a warm snug fit at the hip and waist area and a nice flare downwards. Pair them with your crop tops and flaunt an elegant look.

Occasion – These bottoms can be adorned up on a sunny day out or a meeting with your friends.

Panelled Dress

Flirty panelled dresses give you the perfectly charming fit and flare. Style it with statement earrings and strappy flats to complete your look.

Occasion – Wear it for a party or your special evening and get an “all eyes on you” look.

Ready to play chic? Check now.