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The Scent Of An AND Woman

Ladies, we smell BEAUTY!

Feeling meh? Why don’t we celebrate by treating our least appreciated sense? No points for guessing but you’re right, it’s smell. Let’s make up for it right away.

A fragrance is a memory. The aroma of masala chai in the morning could remind you of your grandma who made tea for you every time you visited or the fragrance of fresh flowers could remind you of the gajra your mom would wear on occasions. The list can go on. With AND’s collection of fragrances, we promise to add to this list.

“Fragrance is an intangible and unforgettable accessory a woman can carry effortlessly and confidently”. Yes, you heard it for the first time and we said it! With the right fragrance, one can make an everlasting impact on anyone. Spray the charm!

perfumes for women

For the woman who is a total stunner, progressive and ambitious, classy yet romantic, an absolute all-rounder, choosing the right fragrance is a must. We’ve got you thinking, haven’t we? We’ll help too. Let us be your chaperone!

The first step to finding your favourite fragrance is to understand the different fragrance types.

1. Fresh Fragrances

Fresh fragrances usually combine citrus, water and green notes for refreshing, zesty and vibrant fragrances. Citrus-based fragrances are usually created with lemon, mandarin and bergamot, while water fragrances are made with aquatic notes like sea spray.
Fresh green fragrances are usually inspired from herbal and leafy scents for a crisp smell. Created with notes of lavender, rosemary or basil.

2. Floral Fragrances

Floral fragrances are one of the most popular. Fragrance that has a sweet and flowery scent belong under this family, using notes such as roses, jasmine, lilies and peonies.

3. Oriental Fragrances

Oriental fragrances are warm, sweet and a little spicy. A more luxurious fragrance, oriental fragrances vary from floral oriental, soft oriental to woody oriental. Often made with interesting notes of cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla alongside jasmine, orchid and orange blossom.

4. Woody Fragrances

Woody fragrances are warm with a mysterious and captivating scent. Using wood-based smells like cedar wood, sandalwood, vetiver and amber. A great choice for evening wear.

Understanding Fragrance Notes:

You often see top, middle and base notes being used to describe a fragrance, correct?

The top notes are what you smell immediately after spraying your perfume; they evaporate quickly but will form the first impression.

The middle or heart notes appear once the top notes disappear. The main body of the fragrance, lasting longer than the top notes.

Base notes are what is left at the end; the smell that is the longest-lasting and that you remember the most.

Best notes for the warm summers!

Let’s smell as bright as the summers! Here are some notes to add to your vanity this summer.

1. Floral Notes:

Being the spring season, floral notes are mind-blowing. Go for perfumes that have floral notes in the top layer or middle layer or base layer to get those fresh vibes. Perfumes with roses, jasmine, orange blossoms, tuberose, violet, lavender, and other such floral accords.

2. Fruity Notes:

Add a touch of sweetness with fruity notes in the perfumes. Try scents that have one or two fruity notes in the heart and base layer of the perfume. It can be litchi, any citrusy fruit, some tropical fruit, or any juicy berry.

3. Fresh Notes:

Fresh notes and spring-summer season go well together. A mix of citruses, herbs, mint, and aquatic notes, simply superb. Look for notes such as ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, oranges, lemons, lime, bergamot, lemongrass, neroli, mint, peppermint, bay leaf or any aquatic notes.

Now that you’ve understood your preferences, pick the best perfume for someone else.

When it comes to gifting, perfume always makes it to be the first choice. When you gift fragrance, it shows your thoughtfulness. Imagine you taking a whiff from different scents thinking what the other person will like! Shows how much you care.

Imagine being remembered every time your loved one wears it. Complete bliss!

A little more on fragrances…

Body Mist v/s Perfume:

Don’t we all love perfumes? We just love to splash some good fragrance on ourselves, be it at home or in the office. We truly value a nice fragrance in the ambience and on ourselves.

Body mists are surely in and worth going gaga over this season. A Body Mist is a lighter version of the perfume. Mists are softer, with a more delicate scent.

Use a body mist if you:

body mist for women

1. Want to feel refreshed after a pleasant shower

2. Are looking for a budget-friendly option.

3. Don’t like a strong scent

4. Are allergic to strong smells

Smell like a dream. Here’s how:

ladies perfume

Who does not like getting flattered with compliments for their fragrance? After spending so much money on branded perfumes, taking hours in deciding which one to choose, maybe it’s time to upgrade your perfume-choosing skills with tips from our experts.

1. Spray on pulse points that emit heat in order to diffuse scent all over the body.

2. Avoid rubbing the scent once sprayed to prevent the fragrance from breaking down and vanishing.

3. Spray on freshly moisturised skin on pulse points to best retain the scent.

4. Lightly spray your hairbrush with perfume or purchase a hair perfume that is specifically designed to take care of your locks.

5. Do not get dressed immediately after spraying perfume, it will rub off. Wait a few minutes for the scent to dry off.

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