Vintage styles you need this season to enhance your retro look
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The Winning Vintage Look You Need This Season

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Don’t we all love and adore the royal vintage styles from the legendary period dramas, like ‘Bridgerton’ and ‘The Crown’? Alluring, dramatic and magnificent! Vintage clothing is a generic term for garments originating from a previous era. Throughout history, fashion designers have turned to previous eras for inspiration. In fashion, the Victorian era has always been a great inspiration for designers. An elaborate display of class, wealth, and beauty. The layers of dresses and skirts, always beautifully fashionable. Victorian fashion began with large dresses, poke bonnets, and modest coverings for the ladies. By the end of the era, simpler silhouettes were making waves, leading the next Edwardian generation to new freedoms in fashion. The Edwardian era symbolizes an elegant, mature look in women’s fashion. Lace and ruffle inserts returned to women’s garments. Tailored suits remained popular. Also, bloused bodice added a puff over the waistline. Adding vintage elements to your look not only looks royal, but also emits those playful romantic vibes. And feather on the hat (just too “vintage-y”) is that, these styles are perfect for all the seasons and reasons! Think bishop and smocked sleeves, peter pan collars, flared layered hemlines, royal flowy gowns or a gorgeously sensuous neckline, vintage clothing is definitely never “out of fashion”!

Summer being around the corner, we all need a comfy yet stylish update to our wardrobe. And, yes! Vintage has got your back. (Royally). Feel the stylish breeze with summer vibes when you put on your summer vintage dresses.

Vintage elements to go for –

1. Statement sleeves for the retro look

statement sleeves for vintage look

Make a lasting impression with those statement sleeves. Try dramatic smocked sleeves, elegant puffed sleeves or bishop sleeves with a modern twist. Flaunt your playful vibes with some vintage romantic styles.

One of the most timeless fashion trends from the Victorian era was the bulbous sleeve, also known as the mutton sleeve. Inspired by the fashionable Queen Victoria, a variety of puffed sleeve styles dominated the fashion industry during her reign and never truly left the trend cycles. Throughout the 20th century, actresses, royals, and ordinary people put on mutton sleeves. Even today, runways are bombarded with new, eclectic takes on exaggerated sleeves in bold prints and colors.

2. Appreciable collars

Collars from the Victorian era vintage fashion still make a trendy pick. Go for Peter pans, Ruffles or Johnny collars, and give some awe-inspiring fashion goals to those around you. Make a bold style statement with dashing collars of your modern vintage outfits.

Grand Peter Pan collars will forever remind us of Princess Diana’s silk wedding dress. The iconic gown was recently brought back to life on The Crown on Netflix, which depicted actress Emma Corrin in plenty of large collars.

You can pick your vibe when you are wearing your oversized collar! Whether you want to be a Victorian-era damsel, a secretly a wicked smart queen, an 80’s princess or a feminist judge trailblazing law reform!

A quiet monochrome style can be elevated by an oversized Peter Pan collar.

appreciable collars for vintage fashion

3. Feminine frills & romantic ruffles

feminine frills & romantic ruffles vintage outfits

Fancy frilled and ruffled outfits emit an utterly feminine vibe and bring back the old school romance in you. Ask a woman if she likes daintily frilled and ruffled dresses? The answer will be a resounding ‘yes’.

Ruffles, flounces and frills, this apparent stuff on our dresses, blouses and skirts historically have been an important element of dress design. There have been several periods when these little frills were very popular.

Looking back into history, we will conclude that today’s widely used ruffles have an ancient and interesting history.

4. Let smocking do the talking!

Add a dash of polish to your vintage look with smocked detailings. Imagine smocked sleeves, necklines or yoke, eveything smocked is fascinating. Go for dresses and tops with elaborate smocked detailings.

smocked detailings for retro look for girls

5. Flaunt sensuous necklines

sensuous necklines clothes for girls

Deep necklines and off-shoulders add an oomph factor to your romantic style. Be it in the victorian era or today’s world, sensious necklines have always been the way to go for that fiery look.

6. Go lacey for a modern vintage look

The victorian era was an era of laces. Sleeves, collars and hemlines were prettified with intricate lacey detailings. Even today, they have a great impact on fashionistas all over the world. Make a chic upgrade to your wardrobe with lacey dresses and tops.

lacey dresses and tops

So, don’t you all stunning women agree that somewhere in the modern-day hustle and bustle, we have left that elegant feminity and sensuality behind?

Add some vintage clothing with a trendy twist to your wardrobe and see how you transform into a dainty glamorous diva. Go vintage!