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The Winning Winter Trends

The Winning Winter Trends of 2021
It’s the layering season, finally! The last couple of years have been a lull for personal fashion. Many have lost touch with current trends since there was nowhere to go, and now it’s tough to find inspiration for getting back in the dress-up game. This year for the trends, the big fashion enthusiasts have shifted from the stereotypical fall/winter styles and made it more uplifting & cheerful. The trends range not only from work from home & party at home attires but also to dinner date wear or casual evening with the girls.
This season, the AND collection has been designed mindfully to help you revamp your winter closet. This season has a wide spectrum of trends that cater to every kind of fashion lover, whether minimalist or maximalist. Our new collection has dimensions for feminine power and confidence. This fall/winter assortment lets you be alive again, be optimistic with styling again and romanticise again. It’s time to express yourself in the best way possible. It is time to think wild and create ensembles that give you comfort and speak your unique fashion language.
Throw in a knitted sweater with a pair of jeans or a denim jacket & jazz it up with heels or even sneakers. Give your monochromatic long jackets or an oversized puffer jacket a pop of colour twist. Mix it up with your floral tops and textured bottoms or just a solid coloured sweater to keep it minimalistic.
Still, confused about fall/winter trends? Look no further, we have compiled an exhaustive list of current trends just for you.

1. ‘Tis the season for Knitted Dresses

Yellow Self Design Knitted Shift Dress
Powder Blue Self Design Knitted Shift Dress
A basic solid coloured or textured knitted dress is a must-have this season. Winters are for cosiness and comfort and in 2021 long jumpers are preferred over buttoned-downs.
The pandemic has forced many to work from home and a comfy knitted dress is quintessential for a home office setup, an abrupt zoom-call meeting or just to snuggle up later with a hot cup of mocha and a book.
Our knitted dress can be worn as a straightforward shift dress along with a scarf wrapped around the neck and classic white sneakers or with a contrasting statement belt that can accentuate the waistline along with a cute pair of ballerinas, which could elevate the dress to a chic look. Maybe simply throw on a long jacket over it with some heels and you’re ready for an evening soiree.
Knitwear is everlasting and every wardrobe needs to have a couple of warm dresses. Shop our wide knitwear range here!

2. Hug your Puffer

Wine Solid Straight Puffer Jacket
Black Floral Straight Puffer Jacket
Wine Solid Straight Puffer Jacket
Black Floral Straight Puffer Jacket
They say you can never go wrong with a puffer jacket. They have been around us for many decades. They are like your best friends; you can rely on them at any time for warmth and comfort.
The marvellous puffer jackets are back in the game, and they are no longer looked down upon – fashion wise. They look great when thrown on any ensemble, and I need not say anything about comfort, it feels like a warm hug. And, they work tremendously well when you’re trying to hide those extra pounds you’ve gained during the holiday season *wink*.

3. Long Way Long Jackets

Grey - Black Checks Shirt Style Long Jacket
Cream Self Design Straight Jacket
There is nothing more versatile than a long jacket during winters. It’s everybody’s favourite because it feels like a snuggly bear hug and yet, so sartorialist. Our overcoat can be styled with absolutely anything without any fuss and it looks sophisticated every single time. It’s probably the second-best investment after a heater and it’s been making people look dapper for centuries. It’s one of the most functional, timeless and quintessential pieces of the garment. Stylise our long jacket with an assortment of t-shirts or tops, either buttoned-down shirts or turtle neck knits. Some jeans or trousers whether skinny or flared, throw it over a knitted long dress or just on the shoulders. Layer it over a dress and cinch it with a broad belt. Amplify the chicness with a scarf, a beret or any hat, some boots or heels and chunky bling studs.

4. Colour Pop Pop Pop!

Magenta Self Design Sweater Top
Red Self Design Straight Top
Red Self Design Straight Top
Magenta Self Design Sweater Top
Whoever set the rule for winter as fashion to be of muted tones is breaking the stereotype this season. The past year was a grey time in all our lives, and it’s time to lighten the mood and add a splash of colour into our lives.
This winter add a pop of colour as a part of your ensembles and it will brighten the spirits and shift the moods to everything happy. Looking at bright colours instantly releases dopamine and it’s undeniable that everyone needs a lot of it, now more than ever. Add a colour pop statement sweater to your monochromatic layered attire and illuminate your style statement or go all out with a colourful co-ord set along with sneakers for that comfy airport look. The colour pop could also be a pair of bright chunky earrings, a stole, a belt or perhaps a cool vivid clutch/ handbag.

5. Denim, all the way!

Blue Self Design Straight Denim Jacket
Betty Fit And Blare Blue Jeans
Blue Self Design Straight Denim Jacket
Betty Fit And Blare Blue Jeans
Denim can never go out of style. A great pair of jeans, a denim shirt, or a denim dress paired with anything looks effortlessly stylish and easygoing. They are the most versatile pieces of clothing during winters too and the hero of everyone’s wardrobes. They not only look good on every occasion, whether casual or formal, party or to sit in at home, but also suit every individual of any size & height.
It’s easy to pair them up with any outfit. During winters, a good pair of fitted jeans look even better when layered with a denim jacket. This season, denim overalls and denim on denim is the trend.
As far as the material is concerned, denim variations have advanced considerably. There are many options and blends available in the market. Our denim shirts, tops & jackets have assorted blends of materials, making it easier to choose from as per your requirement. It’s time to add another timeless piece to your closet. Shop for your denim styles from our new fall/winter collection now!
It’s time to get back in the dress-up game! We hope this gets you ready and pumped for one of the best seasons.
Can’t wait to see you lovely ladies transform styles in your favourite AND pieces. Don’t forget to tag us; it makes our day to see you adorning our beautiful creations.